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SP Square is the Service and Asset Optimization System for Hotels, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Condominiums, Retail and all other facilities.
The main functions of SP Square are Work Order tracking, Asset management, Preventive Maintenance scheduling, Equipment Inventory, Reporting and Communication.
Why SP Square?
SP Square provides a Corporate view of all Assets with few clicks of the mouse.
Simple, easy to use, customizable reports provide detailed track record of all activities.
SP Square features the newest solutions, simplicity of use and includes customer and associate engagement by text “Jeanie”. Multiple tasks are setup with lookalike screens for ease of use. System setup is simple. Reporting is efficient and meaningful to local and corporate users.
Ease of use and high efficiency of SP Square promotes higher daily utilization of the system by end users. SP Square improves communication with customers and within teams and in return increases guest satisfaction and asset value.
Contact Information
phone: 7743641957
website: SP Square
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