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Fashion Designer. Style Consultant. Wardrobe Architect. The press has designated Bonnie as the ultimate fashion expert. Bonnie, a Philadelphia gal who loved collecting, began her career selling art. She refined her keen eye, recognizing her talent to select uniquely beautiful objects and shifted into fashion, promoting "art to wear" collections from designers all over the world.

As far back as the 1990's, Bonnie was acknowledged in People Magazine, appeared on the NBC Today Show with Jane Pauley, and became the national spokeswoman for Polaroid camera. She went on to design collections for the Home Shopping network and Home Shopping Europe before opening a retail boutique off Worth Avenue.

Wanting to serve clients who didn't fit the mold of ready to wear sizing, Bonnie created designs that can be modified to suit her clients' needs. Bonnie's BLT has evolved into a full service boutique for women of all body types and lifestyles, featuring wrinkle-free fabrics and unique accessories that pack well and travel lightly whenever and wherever you go.

Most recently, she was awarded "Fashion Icon" for her short film, Days of My Life, at the Palm Beach International Film & Mini Movie Festival. Keep up with all the hottest arts and culture events in Palm Beach County by listening to Bonnie’s Buzz About Town, which airs weekly on Legends Radio 100.3 FM. Bonnie gives her listeners tips on art shows, concerts, charity galas and more, accompanied by a weekly blog.

Like Bonnie always says, “Feel good, and look even better!”



Bonnie Roseman, Stylist & Wardrobe Architect
The BLT Collection is filled with versatility and style
Unique accessories you won't find anywhere else
Custom colors, fit, and flattery fabrics for all shapes and sizes
Order your items, I'll box them up, and ship them right to your door.
I'm also available for events - call (917) 209 - 0516 for details.
I can assist you in putting together a look for a special event, or a travel destination.
Call me today at (917) 209 - 0516 to schedule your stylist appointment.