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We believe people over the age of 40 are being mistreated and ignored by Silicon Valley.
GroovyTek takes a personalized approach anchored in respect and patience to help folks become confident navigating personal technology independently and on their own terms.

We’ve learned that our society’s technology education, and frustrations related to personal technology, are worse than ever before.
These frustrations often appear to be rooted in a lack of available resources, which means folks can’t learn on their own terms. As technology quickly advances, people feel that they can’t ‘catch up’, and will always be falling behind. Sadly, we’ve learned that people are often made to feel ‘stupid’ when asking family members or others for tech help. Frustration is often exacerbated by generational differences and a lack of respect.

GroovyTek works to counter these frustrations by developing generationally appropriate training services and curriculum. These services are based around the themes of exploration and empowerment. We believe it’s essential for folks from all generations to confidently use personal technology to improve their day-to-day lives.


Matt Munro co-founder of GroovyTek - Technology Consults and electronic device specialists
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GroovyTek - In Home Technology Help and Coach
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Matt Munro co-founder of GroovyTek - in home personal technology
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