Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc

Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc


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About Us

Our mission is dedicated to providing a stable, loving, consistent and nurturing home for at risk youth children and families here and abroad. Our long-term goal is to help young children and families fight against youthful delinquency, prevent them from drugs and alcohol abuse, offering these neglected young children and families the confidential and compassionate support they need to be positive young children among us with the Help of Service learning programs like: Mentor's Program, Health Education, Life skills Training, Sanitation Education, Christian education, refugee resettlement, hunger and poverty programs. Our services will uplift the poor, heal the sick, educate the ill informed and restore lives physically and spiritually for Jesus.

Teach Youth Children To Be Leaders
Loving Hands for the Needy Inc. (LHFN) is a non-profit Christian humanitarian organization that is committed to loving those in need. Our high level goal is alleviating poverty; and our primary avenue for effecting this change is in caring for at risk children by providing an environment of safety, security, and nurture. LHFN provides comprehensive education of life skills to empower youth to mature into fully capable adults and leaders in their communities--this education includes preventing domestic violence and employing abstinence to promote healthy families and relationships. By mentoring youth early, our hope is to diminish delinquency and optimize productive contributors to society.