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We provide seniors with a strong sense of family and compassion while helping them to remain independent and self-sufficient.
The challenges of aging can be difficult for both seniors and their adult children. Traditionally, it has been the duty of adult children and family members to care for their elderly parents. Even though family caregiving has changed through the generations, it continues to be a most valued social resource. But the rapid graying of America is now forcing us to take a second look at contemporary family caregiving as we consider the future needs of elderly Americans.
Some senior citizens have somewhat different needs than that which is provided by the average seniors concierge agency. Some elderlies are severely disabled and have to be institutionalized, while others who remain in their homes, may require assistance because of limitations.

Mink Concierge helps seniors and their families plan for a wide range of elder care issues; and keeps family members, informed, involved and confident that their loved ones are enjoying the most independent, safe and dignified lifestyle possible. ? Mink's focus is providing non-medical care management to those seniors that need more than mere companionship due to some form of limitation. Mink Concierge assist families with understanding, planning,and managing the care of an elderly loved one.