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Tamara Comolli Fine Jewelry



About Us

My endless passion for gemstones and the iconic acorn shape!

Gemstones with their scintillating colors, shapes and endless variety have fascinated me since my childhood days. To the point that this passion today is almost ruinous as I hold onto one-of-a-kind gems for a long time and release them only for my famous Collectibles. The selection is best expressed in those sweet and feminine acorn-shaped gem designs within my MIKADO Collection that some clients have become obsessed with! My favorite gemstones are Tourmalines and Sapphires.

Fine jewelry, my interpretation

The idea of starting up a brand 30 years ago, was to create something unusual as well as to redefine fine jewelry by leaving behind the all too dressy, too uniform jewelry that got its justification only by being branded or expensive. The feeling of a soul or a meaning behind the pieces was missing. I wanted to create a new brand that was casual, easy and allowed versatility and personal style. My creations are timeless, thus never old, and they allow a client’s personal Collection of my designs to grow. They can still wear the first pieces they bought years ago in new ways by adding my latest creations! With more than 20 years in business, I think that idea has worked well!

Color Stories!

Distinct elements of my Collection are the Color Stories! Combinations of gemstones that create very typical sensations for gemstone lovers!


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