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About Us

Florida Weekly is a regional news and entertainment publication designed to fit into the lives of today’s mobile and active
readers. With an audience of more than 200,000 readers in Florida, we are working hard at changing the ways people
consume media. What really sets Florida Weekly apart is how we target the market. Rather than competing in the breaking
news space, we focus on forward thinking, in-depth reporting in the communities we serve on a wide variety of topics you
simply can’t find anywhere else. What that means to our advertiser is we are able to capture an active, mobile reader who
is really engaged with the content of the newspaper and more likely to frequent our customers and buy their goods and
services. One of the things we do best at Florida Weekly is target the consumer on a broad array of platforms. This includes
not only print, but web, tablet, mobile and social media with consumers who are deeply engaged. These consumers also
seek us out in the community as a leading trusted source of news and information including the best businesses to shop, and
we’ve designed our content around them every single week. And keeping true to our beginnings, we will constantly evolve
into new products for tomorrow’s consumer. So what are you waiting for? Find out how you can start growing your business
today with Florida Weekly and set yourself on a path to success.