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House of Pilates was created by Nolan Greenwald. Situated on the grounds of Nolan's home in West Palm Beach, FL, House of Pilates is an exclusive, private Pilates studio offering one-on-one instruction that is curated to each individual client. This is not your average, cookie-cutter Pilates class; no two people are the same, so their fitness regimes shouldn't be either. Nolan assesses clients’ physical abilities, taking into account structural limitations and weaknesses, and curates sessions targeted at building strength and creating more functional movement patterns. Nolan's instruction is meticulous, detail-oriented, and form-focused.

Nolan began her Pilates journey more than a decade ago after she stopped horseback riding. After training and competing at a national level throughout her childhood, she suffered from joint strain, major lower back and neck issues, muscular imbalances, and postural misalignments. Pilates helped her build functional strength and address compensatory movement patterns.

Nolan became so passionate about her personal Pilates practice that she decided to become an instructor and is comprehensively certified by Balanced Body, one of the leading certifications in the field; however, Nolan considers herself a lifelong student and continues to hone her craft while studying other forms of fitness to ensure she and her clients never plateau. For booking information and studio policies, please contact or visit


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