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About Kleen-Tech
We practice centralization, standardization, and partnership--our Corporate philosophy. At Kleen-Tech, we encourage a culture of ownership. We welcome change and embrace new technologies; particularly green technologies. We follow an open-door policy; employees across the organization have access to any manager or supervisor, including our President and CEO. Finally, we regularly promote our mission, vision, and core values so that all employees understand and support our goals.

Kleen-Tech is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HB Management Group, Inc., headquartered in Denver, Colorado. HB Management Group provides accounting, finance, marketing, payroll, human resource, information technology, mission control, and quality assurance services to our managed companies. HB Management leverages economies of scale and best practices to improve performance and profitability of our businesses.

Established in 1993, Kleen-Tech provides custodial services across more than 24-million square feet of commercial and government facilities for long-term, highly-satisfied customers throughout the United States. We provide close monitoring of resources, labor, training and re-engineering as needed to maintain our clients’ changing requirements, while ensuring our practices meet the facility service industry’s highest standards.