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The Port of Palm Beach District is an independent special taxing district, a sub-division of the state of Florida. Established under the provisions of the Laws of Florida, Acts of 1915, Chapter 7081, as amended and supplemented, the Port District is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. It covers a land area of 971 square miles or approximately 50% of the county area. The Port of Palm Beach and its tenants are one of the largest employers in Palm Beach County. The port is an economic engine for the South Florida region. Approximately 2,800 people are employed directly because of the port, which contributes $260 million in business revenue and $12 million in state and federal taxes. An additional 6,000 jobs are associated with the importers and exporters that use the port to ship cargo. Over $14 billion worth of commodities moves through the port each year. The Port of Palm Beach is the fourth busiest container port of Florida’s 14 active deepwater ports and is the 18th busiest container port in the United States. The port handles diesel fuel, raw sugar, molasses, liquid asphalt, hay and other commodities. Unlike most ports in the United States, the Port of Palm Beach is an export port, with approximately 80% of its cargo being exported, with the subsequent improvement in the balance of trade. The majority of the exported cargo goes toward supporting the island nations of the Caribbean.


Port of Palm Beach's megayacht berth
Duke of Top Sail RoRo vessel arriving at Port
Port of Palm Beach District Board of Commissioners
Tropical Shipping container yard
Drone view of the Port