About Us

Scandilabs is a lifestyle brand born in Scandinavia and Florida. Our motto is Strong Living. We believe that everyone deserves to live their best life feeling strong and vibrant. Through our innovative liposomal immune formula, we offer a simple yet highly effective way to strengthen your immune system and avoid falling prey to illness as well as helping with allergies and inflammation. Our proprietary method ensures that up to 90% of the vitamins we take are delivered to our bodies, in stark contrast to the mere 10-15% absorption rate typically achieved by regular vitamins on the market. We strive to reflect the clean nature of Sweden and efficiency and purity in our product. Packaged in a sustainable black glass bottle. Scandilabs Immune Formula+ is made in the USA. Non-Gmo, Gluten-free and vegetarian. CERTIFIED CGMP MANUFACTURING and RIGOROUS THIRD PARTY TESTING


Alexandra Cochrane, Biohacker, Health coach and Founder of Scandilabs
Scandilabs Immune Formula+
Alexandra Cochrane, Founder of Scandilabs