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A CREATIVE FORCE: Lauren Lozano Ziol and Michelle Jolas are a force of nature in the design world. They merged their talents in interior and graphic design in 2016 to create SKIN Interior Design to take interior design to a whole new level. Michelle’s graphic sensibility is the perfect compliment to Lauren’s old world aesthetic. They have a passion for the use of unexpected and provocative combinations. SKIN believes in creating environments with beautiful things to inspire confidence, passion and creativity. They bring a cosmopolitan perspective to interior design because of their love of travel, furniture, design history and combining styles. And most importantly, they believe the right combination of colors, textures, prints and patterns all have the power to change a mood. SKIN specializes in high-end luxury residential design with experience working in Austin, Chicago, London, Miami, San Francisco and West Palm Beach. Educating clients is a top priority for SKIN. SKIN is dedicated to ensuring their clients understand the provenance of the pieces curated throughout their home. Aside from SKIN’s French art deco-inspired furniture line, a staple of their design is revitalizing furniture to both blend in and stand out in a new world context. They love to reupholster, repaint, and bring antiques back to life. SKIN interprets their client’s vision with attention to detail by listening to clients and learning about their needs in order to create a space that is uniquely theirs. SKIN’s design philosophy is timeless, classic, and chic, with an edge.


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