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About Us

Speak Up for Kids (SUFK) is the exclusive fundraising arm for the Guardian ad Litem Program of Palm Beach County, Florida. SUFK’s mission is 100% advocacy for every abused, abandoned, and neglected child in Palm Beach County. With the vision of a community where every child is nurtured, supported, and has access to connections and resources necessary for them to know their value and reach their full potential. We champion best-interest child advocacy through the recruitment, training and retention of court-appointed volunteer child advocates. Through effective advocacy the cycles of abuse, violence, and crime are being broken one child at a time, and children’s futures are being rewritten. These volunteers are committed solely to each child’s emotional, educational, and physical well-being throughout dependency court proceedings. 640+ volunteers work with the children directly, and then in a team approach to represent the child’s best interests.

Our Targeted Initiatives #1 Therapeutic Court An award-winning pilot, the first of its kind in the US, to serve the most complex cases in our county through a round-table team approach. #2 Early Childhood Court targets the best interests of infant and toddler child victims and their families working toward safe, permanent placement faster. #3 Foster Palm Beach in 2018, we extended our impact efforts by creating Foster Palm Beach to recruit more foster families locally––a natural extension of our efforts to Speak Up for Kids.