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Volta Music Foundation’s mission is to provide students in underserved communities the opportunity to advance their musical careers through various educational programs and talent development opportunities while building a worldwide support network that empowers young musicians from these communities to reach their full potential. The higher purpose of Volta is to bring students, mentors, higher education institutions, and symphony orchestras together to create a better-growing community.Volta Music Foundation was founded in 2018 by Yalyen Savignon with the vision to build a worldwide support network that empowers underserved youth to aid in their musical development. At no cost, Volta teaches more than 150 young people with out-of-school music education opportunities, including instrument-specific classes, music theory and history courses, masterclasses with professional artists, community-building sessions, creative performances, and donations of instruments and classroom materials. Our program allowed students to join our classes virtually and from their schools during the Pandemic, and we have prepared many students to audition for higher-level schools.

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