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If you haven't been to Worth Avenue....You haven't been to Palm Beach!

Welcome to the one-and-only Worth Avenue, a shopping and dining enclave that is internationally revered for its beauty, its history and its unparalleled legacy of fine customer service.
Worth Avenue is more than a shopping destination; it becomes its own experience, from the classic grace of its Mediterranean architecture to the bougainvillea that tumbles over stairwells in shady tucked-away Vias. It is a champagne break at Taboo’s cozy bar, or a short walk on the beach before the sun goes down. It is window shopping and courtyard dining, wild parrots and fine art. In short, there is only one street that offers visitors the feeling they are worlds away from ordinary life—and that is Worth Avenue.
The merchants of Worth Avenue are delighted you are visiting us and are committed to giving you the best in customer service. For more than 100 years, service has been our gold standard, and it’s a value we hold dear to this day. We also want you to feel at home on our beautiful street, and we’ll do anything we can to answer your questions,, point you to a great lunch spot, or give you some neighborly pointers (we’re good at that.)
Most of all, we want you to know that we value your patronage as much as we cherish this charming street. There is only one Worth Avenue—and we know you are going to love it.
Ashley Berry
President, Worth Avenue Association