News Release: 11/8/2023

Blue Diamond Investments Acquires Florida Web Development and Carolina Web Development, Creating Palm Beach Promotions
Palm Beach, FL – Blue Diamond Investments is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Florida Web Development and Carolina Web Development, effective January 1, 2024. These two prominent web development companies will be merged into a dynamic new entity named Palm Beach Promotions, and rolled into Blue Diamond Investments, LLC effective January 2024. Palm Beach Promotions will continue to provide cutting-edge digital, marketing, print and photography solutions to businesses across the United States.
The merger of Florida Web Development and Carolina Web Development under the Palm Beach Promotions banner represents an exciting development for the web development and advertising industries and the clients served by these respected companies. Blue Diamond Investments recognized the potential for enhanced synergies and growth opportunities by bringing these two companies together into one Palm Beach based entity.
Palm Beach Promotions will maintain a strong commitment to its current and future clients, delivering top-tier web development services, digital marketing, and custom software solutions.
“Carolina Web Development and Florida Web Development were always so much more than web development. They were full-service advertising and marketing agencies that continued to grow and evolve through the years. But in 2012, almost every phone call was a call to order a website. It is time to retire those names and see it become what the businesses grew into over the years, “ said Laura Kerbyson, original founder of Carolina Web Development and Florida Web Development.
More details about the transition and the offerings of Palm Beach Promotions will be shared in the coming weeks. and are now forwarded to
For more information about Palm Beach Promotions and its marketing, advertising services, web development, Amazon, PPC and software solutions, please visit
About Blue Diamond Investments:
Blue Diamond Investments is a forward-thinking investment firm focused on identifying and supporting opportunities in various industries. They are committed to quality and innovation in the companies they acquire. Blue Diamond Investments intends to register the new company in Florida as an LLC in 2024.
Carolina Web Development was started in 2012 on Hilton Head Island, SC by Laura Kerbyson. It was a member of the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce. Florida Web Development was originally started in Jacksonville, FL in 2015 and was a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and moved to Palm Beach County in 2016. Both companies were owned by the parent company of